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About Us

Amazing Photos, Assembled by Hand.

Welcome to Charleston Vintage Photo Scripture Series.  The artwork contained in this collection originated with photographs taken between 1900 and 1920 of sites throughout the Holy Land. The original hand-painted glass negatives have been individually edited to correct imperfections due to aging of the negatives.

These historical negatives instantly draw us to what they represent and touch us with a reminder that our Judeo-Christian beliefs are timeless. Stories throughout scripture are real and the places they happened still exist throughout the Holy Land.

These images remind us of the story of our spiritual heritage and that Christ himself walked the same earth that we walk today.  Each image is intended to remind us that no matter how difficult the trials of life, we can find strength and comfort knowing we are not alone and that our lives, are directed by God who gives us an historical background through Scripture.

Along with photographic artwork, a tag has been provided identifying each site and a second tag which additionally reflects specially chosen scripture inspired by the image of each site. The tags are not affixed to the artwork in order to allow for you to personalize the final presentation.

I hope you will be inspired and deeply touched by these amazing photographs our Judeo- Christian heritage.

About These Prints

  • ss00008-shepards-field-bethlehem
  • ss00014-sea-of-galilee
  • ss00006-mount-of-olives
  • ss00003-the-holy-sepulchre
  • ss00020-boy-slinging
  • ss00002-church-of-the-holy-sepulchre
  • ss00012-ruins-of-acient-jericho
  • ss00011-the-river-jordan
  • ss00004-jews-wailing-place
  • ss00015-fishing-on-the-lake
  • ss00010-wilderness-of-judea
  • ss00013-jacobs-well
  • ss00019-native-spinning
  • ss00005-garden-of-gethemene
  • ss00016-cedars-of-lebanon
  • ss00007-grotto-of-the-nativity
  • ss00017-sheep-and-shepard
  • ss00018-cyclemen-latifoleum
  • ss00009-st-georges-convent
  • ss-00001-chamber-of-the-last-supper

The product you will receive is an archival quality photographic print, matted in conservation grade, acid free buffered materials and assembled by hand.  Black and white photographs are matted in white.  Color photographs are matted in antique cream. All matts are attached to a sturdy backing board and ready for framing.

Finished matted artwork measures 14”x16” for small and 20”x22 for large.  Individual prints measure 9 1/2”x10” for small and 15”x16” for large.Every image has been hand edited to correct imperfections such as dust and scratches. In order to preserve the beauty of the original work, no editing has been done to the color or the content of the original negative.

A note on possible discrepancies and print quality

Please note that due to differences in monitors, the colors you see on your computer may be slightly different on the print you receive.  We print colors true to the original and do not alter the original images. You should be aware that the colors and appearance of products (including images and mattes) may vary very slightly from the way they appear on the screen.

This artwork was developed from high quality digital reproductions of historical images. Accordingly, our prints may faithfully reproduce any blemishes, marks, stains, damage, inconsistencies of color, and other similar alterations that may be present in either the original image or that may have occurred in the process of rendering the original image into a digital form. I believe such marks give the artwork character and authenticity and hope you will agree.

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About Us

Welcome to Charleston Vintage Photo Scripture Series. The photographs contained in this collection are of sites...