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  • SS011 The Jordan River
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The River Jordan

Israel-Circa 1900

“After me comes he who is mightier than I, ... and he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”
Mark 1:7-8

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The spiritual significance of the Jordan River, which runs through the Holy Land, cannot be overstated. For both Judaism and Christianity, the Jordan plays a decisive role in Bible history. It was in the crossing of this river that the nation of Israel would finally enter the Promised Land, led by Joshua, the successor of Moses. A millennium later, the new Joshua, Jesus of Nazareth, would begin his public ministry after being baptized in the Jordan by John the Baptist. He would gain admittance for believers to the Promised Land of heaven.        

This image of a solitary figure gazing at the Jordan captures the simplicity and yet beauty of the site. It invites us to travel back in time and to contemplate in reverence the baptism of Jesus or perhaps to thank Him for a healing or miracle He has brought into our lives.

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